This list of ways to be involved in the work and make an impact on child and youth well-being includes easy actions that you can take to help improve well-being for children and youth in our community. The list will change as opportunities evolve.  We’re glad you’re here.

Current Opportunities

Disaggregating Youth Impact Survey Data

As we continue to dig into the data collected from the 2021 Youth Impact Survey, we are moving toward the disaggregation stage. Work is underway to create 8 Snapshots to help convey the stories specific to subpopulations of young people including:

  • Age
  • City/Township
  • Gender identity
  • Indigenous identity
  • Newcomers/Immigrants
  • Racial identity
  • Sexual orientation / 2SLGBTQ
  • Special needs
  • Those with experiences of homelessness

As we get ready to do this, we’d like to connect with members for help and advice on which pieces of data we select to include in each Snapshot. If you have lived experience or work experience tied to any of the aforementioned groups, and would like to help advise in this process, please contact Alison Pearson at

Ongoing Opportunities

We’ve put these opportunities into three categories based on the time commitment we think would be required to effectively participate.