Ways to be involved

This list of ways to be involved in the work and make an impact on child and youth well-being includes easy actions that you can take to help improve well-being for children and youth in our community. The list will change as opportunities evolve.  We’re glad you’re here.

Actively promote Family Compass and ensure the information on the Family Compass website is accurate

  • The Family Compass website launched in February of 2018 and is a go-to site for finding community-based services and supports for parents, youth, and children in Waterloo Region.  If you have not had the opportunity to look at the Family Compass marketing package, which includes sample posts, images, and things you can share with your network, this is a great way to champion the work of the CYPT.  In addition, checking the Family Compass website to ensure your information is accurate is a quick, but important way to be part of the work.  If you see any errors, broken links, or have any other concerns about Family Compass, please use the feedback link located at the bottom of each page of their website.


Join a Nested Group

Join a Support Team

Share a story of working collaboratively 

  • Are you working collaboratively at your organization because of the impact the CYPT has had?  Members of the CYPT have come together to develop partnerships and break down silos to have an impact on child and youth well-being in our community.  If you have a story of how working differently has benefitted your organization, the community, and/or the people you serve, we’d love to hear about it.  Please click here to share your story.

Participate in asks (i.e. surveys)

  • The backbone team at the CYPT occasionally sends emails that include things like surveys and requests for feedback.  These emails are sent to capture the thoughts of members and to ensure that the focus of the backbone team is in line with the pulse of the membership.  Thoughtfully replying to these asks is an important way that you can guide the work and ensure that it is moving forward in a meaningful way.

Keep CPLC updated with in-house training opportunities

If you’re not already a Voting Member, consider becoming one.

  • The CYPT currently has more than 700 general members and over 50 voting member organizations (VMO). VMO’s are based in Waterloo Region and are intentionally invested in the strategic direction and future of the CYPT.  If your organization is intentionally aligning itself with the Vision of the CYPT and is working to move the needle on at least one of the nine dimensions of child and youth well-being, becoming a VMO might be the right next step.

Attend full-member meetings thoughtfully–send the best person from the organization

  • Full membership meetings are held a few times a year and each meeting is different.  Plans for full-member meetings, revolve around how best information can be shared with the collective to help improve child and youth well-being in our community.  When invitations to the meeting are sent, we recommend looking at the planned topics and decide thoughtfully who would be the best person in your organization to attend.

Implement the Shared Foundation of Practice

  • The Shared Foundation for Practice focuses on four pillars for working together with children, youth and families in our community.  (Informed, Wholistic, Connected, and Child Youth and Family Centred).  We believe using the Shared Foundation for Practice will improve services to children, youth and families, contribute to a more consistent service provision, improve relationships among service providers, and foster more coordinated efforts in our community.  There are ways to use the Shared Foundation for Practice principles to guide your work.  Click here for more information.

Interact with CYPT on Twitter

  • The Children and Youth Planning Table is on Twitter!  This is the most informal way we communicate information to followers about the work we are doing.  We also tweet and retweet community events and things that affect child and youth well-being in Waterloo Region.  Follow the CYPT on twitter.

Participate in the Community Child and Youth Well-being Survey Project

  • CYPT has partnered with UNICEF Canada, The Canadian Index of Well-being, the Ontario Trillium Foundation, and KW Community Foundation to launch phase two of the community child and youth well-being survey (Youth Impact Survey). Support the work by connecting with young people in our community and sharing back their thoughts and ideas. Click here to learn more about the project and how you can get involved!


Champion the work (and CYPT as a whole)

  • The CYPT is a community-wide partnership that includes service providers, researchers, planning bodies, and funders serving children, youth, and families in our community.  Using a collective impact model, we strive to live our vision of happy healthy children and youth – today and tomorrow.  A great way to be involved is to champion the work.  Talk about it at your organization, get to know the work the backbone team and other organizations are doing, and begin working to move the needle on the nine dimensions of child and youth well-being in your organization.