It’s official – the 2021 Youth Impact Survey data is here! 

A huge thank you to each and every one of you who took the time to share your experiences being a youth in Waterloo Region.

So what’s next? We want to know what you think! Join us for sense making sessions over the next few months as we dig into the results of the 2021 Youth Impact Survey. 


Each week, we’ll focus on 1 of the 9 domains – sharing the data, hear what you think about it, and your ideas of what we should do with the data! Open to youth in 

Waterloo region, ages 9-18.

We belong – Wed. Jan 19th 4:30-6pm OR Thurs. Jan 20th 4:30-6pm 


We are secure – Wed. Jan 26th 4:30-6pm OR Thurs. Jan 27th 4:30-6pm


We are protected – Wed. Feb 2nd 4:30-6pm OR Thurs. Feb. 3rd 4:30-6pm


We are happy and respected – Wed. Feb 16th 4:30-6pm OR Thurs. Feb 17th 4:30-6pm


We are connected to our environment – Wed. Feb 22nd 4:30-6pm OR Thurs. Feb 23rd 4:30-6pm


We are healthy – Wed. Mar 6th 4:30-6pm OR Thurs. Mar 7th 4:30-6pm

We are learning – Wed. Mar 23rd 4:30-6pm OR Thurs Mar 24th 4:30-6pm


We are free to play – Wed. Mar 30th 4:30-6pm OR Thurs. Mar 31st 4:30-6pm


We are participating – Wed Apr 6 4:30-6pm OR Thurs Apr 7 4:30-6pm


Get volunteer hours and be entered into a draw to win a prize (one entry for each week you attend)! There will two identical sessions for each domain so pick the day that works best for you (either Wednesday or Thursday of that week)! We’re keeping the sessions small so that we get the chance to hear from everyone. 

Want to see the results from last year’s sense making sessions? Check out the 2020 Youth Impact Survey Sense Making report here.

If you are a community member or CYPT member and are interested in hosting a sense making session, click here and we’ll be in touch.