Backbone Team

The Backbone Team at the CYPT are the “knitters” who seek out and highlight connection points to the work of the Table and to the issue of child and youth well-being.

Specifically, the Backbone Team provides support in the following ways to help move the work of the collaborative forward:

  • Strategic direction (helping to guide the Vision and direction, connecting the CYPT to other initiatives or collaboratives in the community).
  • Data (supporting the data collecting and the use of data for learning and evaluation).
  • Engagement and Communication (facilitating communication and dialogue between partners as well as cultivating relationships throughout the community).
  • Facilitation (specifically in support of Standing and Working Groups).
  • Administration (addressing the logistical needs of the Table, helping to mobilize resources, etc.)
photo of Alison Pearson
Alison Pearson

Manager (she/her)

To chat about the Steering Committee, strategic direction of the CYPT, and the Pandemic Working Group, connect with Alison.

photo of Joana Lincho
Joana Lincho

Youth Engagement in Systems Lead (she/her)

To chat about youth engagement, Youth Connectors, and all things youth, connect with Joana.

photo of Margie McLean
Margie McLean

Communications Coordinator (she/her)

To chat about communications, additions or changes to the CYPT website, the Communications Action Team, and social media, connect with Margie.

Fidelia Ukueje

Social Planning Associate (she/her)

For information on the DRE team, CPLC team, Well-being Shared Measurement Task Group and all things data, connect with Fidelia.

photo of Monika Bodemer
Monika Bodemer

Program Assistant

For information on meetings, the collective, membership, and all things logistics, please connect with Monika.