Your Well-Being Matters: Youth Impact Survey


The survey takes about 20 mins to complete. You’ll get one volunteer hour and a chance to win a prize!

The feedback form takes about 15 mins to complete. You’ll get another volunteer hour and extra chances to win a prize!  The survey closes on May 31st 2021, so make sure you have your say before that!

There are 3 steps…

Step 1:

Read the details in the “Everything you need to know” section below or check out the Information Page here!


  • The Children and Youth Planning Table (CYPT) is partnering with the Canadian Index of Wellbeing (CIW) at the University of Waterloo, UNICEF Canada, the Ontario Trillium Foundation, and the Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation on this project. We have already been working with youth in Waterloo Region for the past several months and they have helped us identify the things that are important in your life – things like how you are feeling, what you do in your free time, and how you feel about school and your community.

    We need you!
    Too often, decisions about children and youth are made without their involvement. But no one understands your experiences better than you! So, we are inviting children and youth who are 9 to 18 years old to fill out the survey and tell us how you are really doing. That way, with your help, we can make better decisions and provide better services and programs.

  • We are asking you to complete an online survey and your participation is completely voluntary. You’ll be asked questions about your life (like activities you do outside of school, your sense of belonging to the community, etc) and some basic demographic info (like your age, what community you live in, etc.). The survey should only take you about 20-25 minutes to complete. You don’t have to agree to participate in the survey. You can also change your mind and withdraw your participation simply by not submitting the survey. Once you complete the survey and submit it, we won’t be able to remove your answers because we won’t know which responses you submitted.

    We would also love to know what you think about it!. Share with us what you liked about the survey, and suggestions for what we can do to make this experience better with our feedback survey. Bonus: you get an extra volunteer hour and extra entries into the prize draw for sharing your feedback!

  • Everyone’s responses to the survey will be combined to create a summary report, to give us a “big picture” of the experiences of youth in Waterloo Region. This report will be available to you, and CYPT partners, on the CYPT website. Even though you might not receive any direct benefits by participating, your voice will be impacting future experiences for children and youth! We hope our community can use the information in the report that you shared to make our communities better places for all children and youth. We hope to share the summary results with everyone by late Fall 2021!

    Check out the report from last year here!

  • Although they aren’t intended to do so, some of the questions asked might make you feel uncomfortable. For example, you’ll see questions about bullying and substance use. If at any point you feel uncomfortable, need to take a break, or decide you don’t want to do this anymore, that is okay. You don’t have to answer any questions you don’t want to. If any question does make you feel uncomfortable and you want to talk to someone about it, you can reach out to Front Door (in our community) or Kids Help Phone (call or text, 24/7) to talk.

    Those options not what you’re looking for? Click here to find resources in our community!

  • All of the answers you provide in the survey are entirely anonymous because you are never asked for your name or address at any point. The data collected by the CIW will be securely stored at the University of Waterloo for a minimum of 10 years on a password protected computer in a locked office. After that, all data are destroyed according to the University of Waterloo policy.

    You’ll be completing the YIS as an online survey operated by Qualtrics. When sending information over the internet, privacy can’t be guaranteed. There is always a risk your responses may be intercepted by a third party (e.g. government agencies, hackers). University of Waterloo won’t collect information that could link your participation to a computer or other electronic device (e.g. IP address) without letting you know first.

  • This project has been reviewed and received ethics clearance through a University of Waterloo Research Ethics Committee (ORE #43196). If you have any questions for the Committee, please contact the University of Waterloo’s Office of Research Ethics, at (519) 888-4567, ext. 36005, or by e-mail at

    Before beginning the survey, please acknowledge that you have read the information in the “Everything You Need to Know” section or the Consent and Information Release form (at the top of this page) and understand and accept the proposed uses of the survey information you will be providing.

  • Have questions about the survey or the project? Online not your thing and prefer a paper copy instead?

    Reach out to Monika at

Step 2:

Fill out the consent form and launch the survey. Once you submit your consent, you’ll get the link to start the survey. Consent is available in several languages, however, the survey is only available in English and French.

  • If you’re age 9-13 (you need a parent or guardian to consent with you.) CLICK HERE.
  • If you’re age 14-18 (you can consent for yourself) CLICK HERE.

Step 3:


  • After completing the survey, you have the chance to get 1 volunteer hour and be entered into a draw to win a prize. You’ll get the link to the draw prize on the last “thank you” page. Be sure to note down the password on the “thank you page”! You’ll need it to enter the draw.

    The winners will be contacted a couple of weeks after the survey closes. Stay tuned for the date!

  • After you follow the link for the draw prize, you’ll be asked if you’d like to provide feedback (on top of entering the draw.) The feedback portion will take about 10 minutes to complete. If you complete it, it’s an extra volunteer hour and you’ll get extra entries into the prize draw.

  • After you enter the draw and/or provide feedback, you’ll have the chance to request a letter confirming your volunteer hour(s). The letter isn’t automatically generated. It’s a human working behind-the-scenes, so please be patient with us! We’ll make sure you get it.)

  • Thanks for participating in the 2021 round of the Youth Impact Survey! Did you know: Waterloo Region was the first community in Canada to test out the survey over the summer of 2020? The Children and Youth Planning Table (CYPT) partnered with UNICEF Canada, the Canadian Index of Wellbeing (CIW) and the Ontario Trillium Foundation to put together a survey that would help communities better understand what life is like for kids and youth. We worked with youth across our region to make it happen (learn more about youTHINK here). Last year, we invited children and youth to try out the first ever Youth Impact Survey and share their thoughts. We’ve taken some of your feedback and we’re trying it again! It started here in Waterloo Region, and we’re also excited to announce that we have 3 communities across Canada testing it out too.

    Learn more about how the project started here!

Any questions? Connect with Monika (