System Coordination

When children, youth, and/or parents enter the door to any organization serving young people or families, they, in turn, enter the full system of supports and resources available.

Key Actions

  • Exploration of Ample Labs app to evolve Family Compass
  • Continuous Professional Learning Committee training criteria (coming soon)
  • Evaluation of trainings
  • Updates to Family Compass
  • Work to update Child and Youth Well-being Dashboard

Key Training & Resources

Key Data

Our Work related to System Coordination includes some of the following:

Family Compass

The Family Compass website launched on February 12, 2018. This website is the go-to site for finding community-based services and supports for parents, youth and children in Waterloo Region.

COVID-19 Resources for children, youth, and families

Amid COVID-19, CYPT partners and other community organizations adjusted their services to be social-distancing friendly and included new and different services and supports to help children, youth, and families in Waterloo Region.  CYPT members came together to build an online space that included an ongoing list of supports available to those in our community.

Pandemic Working Group

The Child and Family Pandemic Working Group meets regularly to support actions for young people and families through the pandemic with a particular focus on vulnerable youth and families as they continue to see a steady increase in referrals.

Most Pressing Needs Surveys

The CYPT is uniquely positioned to provide to the community at large and decision-makers in the community real-time information on workforce and family needs.


Data from surveys sent to Voting Members of the CYPT is updated bi-weekly to include information about the most pressing needs of their organization, and the children, youth, and families accessing their services.

Shared Measurement

Together, we are working to improve the well-being of children and youth in Waterloo Region and to move the needle on nine dimensions of child and youth well-being. We believe, as a collective, that these focus areas are key to the well-being of children and youth.  


  1. We are happy and respected.
  2. We are connected to our environment.
  3. We are secure.
  4. We belong.
  5. We are participating.
  6. We are learning.
  7. We are healthy.
  8. We are free to play.
  9. We are protected.

Shared Foundations of Practice

A circle divided in four parts: Informed, Wholistic, Connected, Child, Youth and Family Centred. Children and Youth Planning Table logo in the centre.

We adopted a shared understanding for working together in 2015 and we called that our Shared Foundations of Practice.


Read our Shared Foundation for Practice document.