Feb 12 Meeting

February 12 Meeting Highlights and Resources

February 12 Meeting Summary and Resources

The Children and Youth Planning Table held a full-membership meeting on February 12.  Our first meeting together in 2018 continued the work towards our Shared Goals for Child and Youth Wellbeing. Information gathered from member participation at the November Forum and additional input from Voting Members were summarized and presented. Priorities were rated based on (1) high urgency, (2) high readiness for addressing the issue, and (3) whether the Children and Youth Planning Table is the right group to address it. From the twelve initial priority areas, four emerged:

  • Early Child DevelopmentChildren and Youth Planning Table Goals
  • Mental Health
  • Bullying
  • Sense of Belonging

Members worked in groups focusing on these four areas, considering the advantages of moving forward with each issue and things to be mindful of in doing so. Children and Youth Planning Table staff are working to summarize that work and will share at the April meeting.

Next members had an opportunity to learn about the current Healthy Kids Community Challenge theme: Power Off and Play! Nancy Hall-Jupp and Danielle Lodwick shared possible Community Engagement Opportunities to put Power Off and Play! into action. If you’re interested in applying for funding, contact Danielle Lodwick to learn more.

Resources from the meeting:

As we move forward with planning future meetings, we value your comments and input into what is working well and areas for improvement. Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts via a short online survey.

Family Compass Launch!

Family Compass was launched as part of this meeting! Past and present working group members shared about the journey leading to the day’s celebration. This new, go-to website will guide children, youth and families to services in the Waterloo Region. Three doors provide three options for users looking for supports: Search for Services, I Have a Concern Tool, and Resources for Parents. Watch the How-To video to learn how to use family compass, and visit the Resources and Research page for promotional materials you can use to promote this great new resource.