The way society and systems operate keeps certain children, youth and families out.

    • Improving methods and building collective expertise on data disaggregation best practices
    • Equity open space sessions
    • Work with Community Collaboratives re: data & governance/community action
    • Updating our own practices around recruitment and representation.
    • In Summer 2020, about 50 members came together to discuss the racial equity movement and opportunities for meaningful actions. Please click here to read a summary of these proposed actions. The Steering Committee is still collecting input into these ideas – please click here to share your insights into ways in which CYPT as a collective can best mobilize.
    • In moving forward with actions that support greater racial equity, the Steering Committee is intent on aligning the actions of CYPT as best as possible with the actions of the other large collaborative in our community. We are excited about a partnership with Immigration Partnership to bring energy and a child and youth focus into their Belonging Steering Group and their work on an anti-racism strategy. We are hoping to have up to 5 reps from CYPT join this group. If you are interested in learning more please email Alison.
    • An update on the equity-seeking work made by the collaborative up to and including November 2020, can be viewed here.
    • Kike Ojo-Thompson