Youth Engagement Coordinator

The Astley Family Foundation has recently made an investment into the collective work of the CYPT through the creation of a new role on the Backbone Team.  This role is dedicated to the support and capacity building of meaningful youth engagement in the system of services and supports for children and youth in Waterloo Region.

There was significant interest from a number of Member Organizations in hosting this role and the review committee has now completed their review.  We are pleased to announce that this new role will be in partnership with Carizon. Lisa Armstrong, Manager of Community Services at Carizon said;

“Over the past few years, Carizon has been investing in our Youth Work, learning alongside youth.  We are excited and honoured to co-host the youth engagement position.   We’re looking forward to exploring, promoting and deepening youth engagement within Carizon and across Waterloo Region. Thank you for this opportunity.”

Thank you to all organizations who applied for this opportunity. Looking forward to building this role with Carizon, to support system-wide, meaningful youth engagement.