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Youth Engagement and Adult Allyship Resource: An Update

At the last full membership CYPT meeting in January, we announced that the Children and Youth Planning Table was working on a resource to support our work in meaningfully engaging youth. We’ve gathered your input from the January meeting, your responses from the youth engagement survey, input from youth at various events, and combed through the literature to pull together best practices. We’ve also heard from members that you’d like to see the information in a variety of ways to make it easy to use in your practice. We hear you – and we are currently working on pulling the information we’ve collected into a variety of formats (from a booklet to videos, to a webpage). We are almost ready to share this work with you!

A big THANK YOU to all the Children and Youth Planning Table members who have supported us in this work along the way – providing your insights and experiences in doing meaningful youth engagement, and doing it well! We are excited to have a resource informed by local youth voice, and the perspectives of organizations in our very own community doing amazing youth engagement. We can’t wait to share the resource in the coming months!