Working Collectively

Not Another Webinar

CYPT partners, the Early Childhood Professional Resource Centre, EarlyON, KidsAbility, KW Habilitation and the SNRC came together earlier this summer with the idea of creating short and manageable resources for parents and professionals that would help people transition back to a classroom. Several people had the idea to pull together a list of resources, create short presentations and make the back to school and child care transition easier for people and working alone was not even considered.  Being part of a collaborative like the CYPT and doing work in the system in connected and intentional ways helped create this natural partnership.

When we asked Tracy Stroeder, Supervisor of Early Learning at KW Habilitation about working collectively on the Not Another Webinar project, here’s what she said:

“Our collective efforts help us to ensure that we are being effectively responsive to the needs of our community, especially during these times of increased anxiety and uncertainty. It is our hope that these resources will support educators, caring adults and families as they support children returning to care and classrooms.

It was amazing to see this group of community partners come together to collaborate on creating these resources to support our community. What has been created here is the perfect example of what can happen when caring, compassionate and skilled professionals work together with a common goal.”


This is just one of the many stories of CYPT partners working collectively to support child and youth wellbeing in our system.  We are looking forward to sharing even more stories about how CYPT members are working collectively and we’d love to hear from you.  Please connect with us.


The undercurrent of these stories I think needs to be because of CYPT (the culture, the history, the relationships, the practices..etc…) people are doing work in the system in intentionally collaborative/connected ways.