Project Description

The [program] is working with other organizations to understand well-being among youth and parents in Kitchener-Waterloo Region. These organizations include the Child and Youth Planning Table (Well-Being Shared Measurement Database group) and the University of Waterloo. We hope to understand how programs in our region can improve feelings of belonging for their participants. Your responses will help.

The [program] is one of many programs that are collecting data on belonging and sharing it with WBSMD to make one large data set.  We will use this dataset to learn general information about what makes people feel like they belong.  We are interested in the impact that things like feeling heard, feeling valued and included, developing relationships, and fairness/equity have on feeling like you belong.  We will share these insights across all the programs participating in the project and more widely in Kitchener-Waterloo Region to help improve the belonging of youth in our region.

Each program will also be learning specific things that will help them adapt and improve their specific program. The [program] is interested in how your sense of belonging as a participant may change over time. They are also interested in your well-being . They hope to use this information to make an inclusive experience for all program participants that promotes well-being.