Voting Member at Large

Are you interested in a seat at the CYPT Steering Committee?

As you will recall, the evolution of the CYPT Charter included the addition of 2 Voting Member at Large seats to participate at the CYPT Steering Committee. The first Voting Member at Large term runs Fall 2020-Fall 2022 and is held by Rania Lawendy. The second Voting Member at Large term runs Fall 2021-Fall 2023 and we excited to open the recruitment process for this second seat!

As noted in the Charter, the Voting Member At Large representative intentionally brings into the conversation the vantage point of a Voting Member Organization, to assist with strategic planning at the Steering Committee.

How to know if this opportunity is right for you:

  • You are a Voting Member of a Voting Member organization with CYPT
  • You are passionate about the vision and mission of the CYPT
  • You are interested in being part of the strategic direction setting for the collaborative
  • You can commit to a 2-year term as the Voting Member at Large

In addition to the above mentioned criteria, the Steering Committee is hopeful once again that a candidate will come forward with experience in equity work. This might be through lived-experience, or through working with diverse populations. We are committed to, and highly value, greater diversity amongst the leadership of the CYPT. Applicants who bring strength and knowledge regarding diversity and equity, are particularly encouraged to apply.

If interested, please complete the application linked here by November 26, 2021. The applications will be reviewed by Steering Committee and folks will be notified in December.

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