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The Youth Impact Survey closes August 7

We are nearing the end of the pilot phase of the Youth Impact Survey. The deadline for youth to fill it in is August 7th and the draw date for prizes is now on August 12th at 2:30 pm, live, on Instagram. We still need to hear from 100 more youth in Waterloo Region and we need your help to get the word out.  Here are a few things we’ve heard about the survey:


“Through the Youth Impact Survey, the CYPT is working hard once again to centre youth voices. It’s up to us, the youth, to use this opportunity to share our voice. Fill our the survey by August 7th”
Meena Waseem, Youth in Waterloo Region


“I appreciate your team taking the time to make this survey and I’m glad I was given the opportunity to contribute!”
A message from a young person who filled out the survey


The current #1 reason why youth have said they filled out the survey is that an adult in their life told them about it.  We hope you’ll help keep the momentum going in Waterloo Region and ask people to share the survey with their kids, and encourage the young people in your lives to fill it out as well.  There are several tools available to help promote the survey.

“My 11-year old just completed this survey. It reminds me of all the simple but important questions we should be asking our kids about life from their perspective. It took 15 minutes and it was a great conversation starter”
Suzanne Killing-Wood, Parent

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