Setting a new Standard of Practice for case management across Waterloo Region

Over the past several years the Child & Youth Planning Council has taken on the work of developing a Waterloo Region Integrated Case Management protocol that would ensure no child or youth ‘fell through the cracks’ while engaged in support within the children’s mental health, developmental and/or addictions systems in our region.


This protocol will become the Standard of Practice within our region and has been endorsed by MCCSS. The key elements in the protocol can be boiled down to ‘not allowing the baton to drop’ (having a ‘lead’ person and ensuring families continuously have someone that will be there for them) and ensuring everyone supporting a family know who is doing what, who is the ‘lead’. It is the job of the service providers to create a seamless service experience.


It is also important to have a single guiding document that ensures sufficient collaboration and outlines clear roles and responsibilities assumed by staff within various organizations.


The CYSPC has many of the key players at our table, but we know we may be missing agencies that may also do case management and/or are partners in supporting families and so also would benefit from hearing more about this protocol. If you believe you should be at the table with other key players, please reach out to Kathy Payette at