UNICEF Canada wants to hear from children and youth


Children and Youth of Canada: UNICEF Canada wants to hear from you

The Children and Youth Planning Table is honoured to support UNICEF Canada as a member of the One Youth Advisory Team. One Youth is currently looking for children and youth who have experienced challenges with one of the following, to share their stories:

  • bullying
  • poverty
  • access to healthy foodChildren and Youth Planning Table Shared Goals, Goal 1 Icon

“Our goal is to provide a platform for young people to have their voices heard, and help others understand what young

Canadians are experiencing, and the challenges they face.” True to the spirit of Goal 1, this is a chance to support children and youth in feeling valued, heard and included. It is an opportunity to honour children and youth as the experts of their own lives, and to tell their stories their way.

If you work with children and youth, consider sharing this opportunity with them. For more details about the project, tips for writing a blog, and guidelines for story submissions visit UNICEF Canada’s blog


UNICEF Canada One Youth Initiative

One Youth is a movement of children, young people and adults who want the best possible opportunities for every young person in Canada. One Youth will make child and youth well-being a priority across the country.

Currently, Canada ranks 25th out of 41 rich countries on overall child and youth wellbeing.

The goal is to improve the wellbeing of children and youth across Canada by:

  • Measuring wellbeing through a new Canadian Index of Child and Youth Wellbeing
  • Designing innovative solutions in partnership with Overlap to address some of the most pressing issues facing Canadian children and young people today.
  • Influencing change by disrupting the status quo and showing that dreams are not only possible for Canada and for its children, but must become a national priority.

Connecting with this work is helping to ensure that our local Shared Goals align with national priorities. Visit One Youth UNICEF Canada to learn more, and check out the the Oh Canada! Our Kids Deserve Better Report on our Resources and Research page .

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