Level Up

Level Up is a community-oriented and family-centred youth development program focused on social justice and civic action. The objective of Level Up is to provide fun, engaging and enlightening experiences for kids aged 9-12 years and their families on topics that deepen critical awareness and cultivate a social justice practice.


We have many goals but are open to new ideas and new ways of knowing and doing. We love to learn. We would like to connect with the CYPT members around the following interests:


We would like to run Level Up with three more host communities and conduct an evaluation over the next year to help inform the next phase of development and co-creation. If you live in or work with a community that might be interested in starting a Level Up group, please reach out!


Family-engagement is a key component of this program so we would love to partner with a group that thinks deeply about families, empowerment and skill-building.


We are so lucky to partner with community groups like Community Fridge KW, Caremongering KW, Red Raccoon Bike Rescue and Reep Green Solutions and are looking for more partners to create playful learning activities for youth and families. We are looking for partners who are interested in advancing the kids’ take action plans, which are on a range of topics including anti-racism, gender inequality, animal welfare, indigenous reconciliation and climate action.


We love the idea of designing fun, free, and educational family-friendly public events and installations.


We are keen to connect with groups that have an interest in advancing the ‘We Are Participating domain’ of the Canadian Index of Child and Youth Wellbeing. We look forward to collaborating with the Waterloo Region Youth Engagement Community of Practice.

For more information, please contact Anjali Misra at anjalilevelup@gmail.com or call 647-202-3114


More about Level Up


Program curriculum:
Level up is an eight-week program delivered once a week (1.5 hours) at the DCC. The program curriculum is composed of six units:

  1. Self-awareness and self-care
  2. Critical thinking and growth mindset
  3. Empathy and privilege
  4. Conflict resolution and restorative justice
  5. Group power and collective strengths
  6. Community development and leadership


Program Features:

  • Small group format: Of up to 8 kids
  • Community-based: We partner with community groups to craft activities that connect to local issues and current and critical knowledge gaps. Some of our partners have included Community Fridge KW, Caremongering KW, Red Raccoon Bike Rescue and Reep Green Solutions.
  • Family-engaged: We provide take home activities, dinner time discussions prompts, and field trip ideas all assembled in a neatly packaged workbook.
  • Action-oriented: Over the course of the program, kids create a take-action plan and take steps to make an impact.


The program will be delivered on Tuesdays at the Downtown Community Centre and Thursdays at the Victoria Hills Community Centre from 6:30-8pm in the Fall (mid-Oct to mid-Dec), Winter (Jan-Mar) and Spring (Apr-June). Registration is through ActiveNet. Please share with your family, friends and colleagues!

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