Infant Mental Health Promotion Training


The Continuous Professional Learning Committee (CPLC) is excited to bring the Foundations in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Practice Lecture Series to the members of the Children and Youth Planning Table! This 15-part series focuses on promoting early mental health and wellbeing during the first 1,000 days of life. The series aims to raise awareness and understanding of the unique needs of infants and toddlers in order to promote healthy social-emotional development in the early years and reduce the likelihood of poor mental and physical health outcomes.



This training program aims to increase knowledge about infant mental health among all staff within community-based agencies in order to affect a culture shift, to empower individuals to be agents of change in their roles and to ensure that every child served by their organization has access to the best mental health outcomes possible. The inclusion of infant mental health promotion, prevention, and treatment as a key focus of practice within community based health and/or social service organizations will lead to enhanced:

  • Understanding of just how critical early mental health is for a child, a community, and society at large;
  • Understanding of risk and protective factors that contribute to early mental health and development;
  • Promotion of infant mental health practices within a community agency that can be shared with families and other community agencies;
  • Integration of practices that focus on the prevention of infant mental health trauma;
  • Embedding of screening practices to identify when a child may be experiencing poor mental health in the first three years of life; and
  • Integration of interventions that can be provided to a child who is experiencing risk of poor mental health within the community.


The training series will include:

  • 15 training presentations (session details available online)
  • Live webinars launching every 2-3 weeks between January and August 2020
  • Webcast Recording access to September 2022 to view the lectures at your own pace, in team meetings or individually
  • Access to session notes, slides, and applicable handouts
  • A certificate of completion after completing all session feedback survey


Community of Practice:

There will be an opportunity for CYPT members participating in the training to join a Community of Practice hosted by the Early Childhood Professional Resource Centre. More details coming soon.


How to Register:

Registration is now open, click here to learn more and register. Please ensure you register as Guest specifying Conestoga PRC (as the Host Agency). A unique email must be used upon registration for access to the session handouts, and to receive session details and reminders. You will also be required to create a personal user account at to access the recorded content. Coupon code will be provided for free access.


If you have any questions, please contact Corie Schweertman (Co-Chair of the CPLC).


This training opportunity is generously provided to the members of the Children and Youth Planning Table by…

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