Cartoon teen holding a tablet in front of a yellow background, with text beside her promoting Family Compass

Family Compass has launched!

Family Compass is live!, a new go-to website for children, youth and families in Waterloo Region, is officially live! Launched yesterday (February 12), this new community-based resource offers site users three doors to access services.

  1. Search for Services: self-search for local health, social and recreational services for children and youth
  2. I Have a Concern: a tool to help you find a local organization that can help address concerns with a child or youth
  3. Resources for Parents: resources for parents to learn, find support and connect with other parents (links to Parenting Now)

By promoting Family Compass in your organization, you help ensure the families and youth have easy access to the full range of services and supporting in our community. You also help ensure that staff are accessing up-to-date and fulsome information about what is available via community partners.

This would not have been possible without the collaborative efforts of the Special Needs Strategy Planning Table, Moving on Mental Health initiative, and the Children and Youth Planning Table. Thank you to everyone who participated in a working group, focus group, piloting process, and in providing input and guidance along the journey!

Special thank-you to:

  • Developmental Services Resource Centre Waterloo Region and KidsAbility for funding the creation of Family Compass
  • The Social Planning Council of Cambridge and North Dumfries  for their work on the Search for Services door
  • eSolutionsGroup who worked with the Virtual Access Team on the concept and development of the site, as well as the marketing
  • the youth, families, community members, and agency partners who provided feedback

Click here to view the Marketing Package, and see how you can promote Family Compass.

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