Coming Soon – Updated Child & Youth Well-being Dashboard! Indicators will be directly linked to the Shared Goals for Children and Youth in Waterloo Region.


Click here to view the current Child Well-being Dashboard


Currently, there are four indicators on the Dashboard: Fundamental Needs, Health, Learning and Relationships. View each category separately or go straight to the interactive map.


The Child Well-being Dashboard is a user-friendly platform housing data on indicators of child well-being in Waterloo Region. The Child Well-being Dashboard is connected to an interactive map of neighbourhoods across the region, this allows users to visualize the differences between neighbourhoods to better understand the strengths and needs in the communities in which they live and serve.

Why is the Child Well-being Dashboard important?

A system of shared measurement is essential for communities to track and report their changes and progress. When a system of shared measurement is determined by members of the community, they come to a consensus on concerns, successes, goals and what indicates progress, and this aligns them in their efforts to make positive changes. The Child Well-being Dashboard contains pieces of data which have been designated as ‘indicators’ of child well-being, helping us to understand child well-being and to measure our progress towards our six goals for children and youth in this regard. As such, the Child Well-being Dashboard is useful as part of a systematic approach to understanding our community for planning, understanding and evaluation.

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