CYPT Membership


Membership at the Children and Youth Planning Table is open to all interested stakeholders who support the Vision of happy healthy children and youth – today and tomorrow. Stakeholders represent many different sectors and organizations including service providers, researchers, planning bodies, and funders – all with a focus on children and youth, pre-birth to age 18-ish, and/or their families. Participants at the Children and Youth Planning Table may also include general community members with an interest in the Vision of the Table. Those who opt to join in, self-determine their level of involvement (from awareness [e.g., reading the E-News Bulletins, staying informed via the CYPT website] to active involvement [e.g., participating on a Working Group]). The level of involvement may ebb and flow with the evolution of the work.


Voting Member Organizations are organizations, based in the Waterloo Region, intentionally invested in the strategic direction and future of the Children and Youth Planning Table, and who seek purposeful linkages to the work of the Table and their organization. Voting Membership is open to any organization who sees their work as aligning with the Vision of the Table and who deliberately seek to be part of efforts to collectively mobilize as one system for children and youth in Waterloo Region that relentlessly strives to maximize well-being throughout generations (the Mission of the Children and Youth Planning Table) by moving the needle on the nine dimensions of child and youth well-being. To read more about the roles and responsibilities of Voting Member Organizations, please click here.