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Cuddle Up and Read

“Cuddle Up & Read” is a community-wide initiative for everyone who cares for and about children.

By helping our children feel safe, secure and situated, while improving their literacy and cognitive skills, Cuddle Up & Read will help offset the effects of the pandemic and ensure that they (and we) are ready for the school year to come.

Snuggling up together and reading with young children has physical, emotional and academic benefits – and it goes both ways – for the child and adult!

This initiative is being brought to you by the Early Learning and Literacy Alliance of Waterloo Region.


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Lunch and Learn session: Click Here


Our Place Book Series: Opey Needs A Repair

Inspired by research on how our brain fuels our behaviours, Opey Needs a Repair, is the first of four books in our Tires, Wires, and Brakes Series. Stay tuned for the launch of our Pit Stop Workshops. These short, informational sessions teach how caring adults and children can co-regulate and self-regulate to find their calm.

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World of Possibility Podcast

What happens when a child psychiatrist, a parenting author, and a journalist enter virtual space together for a conversation about surviving and thriving in the most uncertain times in a generation? ‘World of Possibility’ – the podcast. Parenting author/speaker Ann Douglas, child psychiatrist/knowledge translator Dr. Jean Clinton, and education/parenting journalist Cheryl Jackson, believe anything is possible if we stay open to new ideas, talk about them, and work together to make change. This is a series of conversations about reconnecting and re-imagining a world of possibility.

World of Possibility – Stories We Tell Episode – part 1

World of Possibility – Stories We Tell Episode – part 2

Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council

WRSPC is looking for feedback on their website.  Youth and adults are invited to participate and youth can earn volunteer hours for sharing their thoughts.  The survey is open through the month of June.