Communications Request Procedure

The Communications Advisory Team has created a NEW way for members to request that information be shared through CYPT channels.  Have a tweet or news story to share?  Have you just published a new resource?  We have developed this communications request procedure and form to make sharing information through our channels easier.

To continue to share high-quality information with our collaborative, we have developed six criteria for information sharing.  We require that 4 or more of the following criteria be met before we share the information:

  1.  It is focused on children/youth pre-birth to age 18 or their families.
  2. It is aimed at improving outcomes for the wellbeing of children, youth and/or caring adults (including service providers).
  3. It is a system-level issue (i.e., has the potential to impact numbers of children/youth pre-birth to 18 and families.)
  4. Bringing it to the Children and Youth Planning Table will benefit more agencies beyond my own.
  5. There is a policy expectation that it would be communicated broadly in the community and/or developed collaboratively.
  6. There is a professional learning opportunity for those who work with children and youth.

To access the communication request form, please click here.

We invite you to share any feedback you have or ask any questions by emailing Margie McLean (CYPT Communications Coordinator).