Anti-Racism Advisory Working Group

The Region of Waterloo has heard from the community that there is a need to make meaningful changes in programs, services, and policies, in order to address systematic racism and oppression in a meaningful and impactful way.  An opportunity to be part of an Anti-Racism Advisory Working Group has been made available in our community.

More Information:

The Selection Committee established in August includes five community leaders: Victoria Rodney, Ismail Mohamed, Jean Becker, Grace Ibrahima and Lois MacDonald. They have worked together to develop the application form, the selection criteria and the mandate for the Working Group and will be compensated for their work. They will be reviewing all applications received and determine the final selection of the Anti-Racism Advisory Working group.

Terms of Reference for the committee are available here.

To apply to be part of this working group, applications must be received by 5pm on October 5, 2020.


Key Mandate of the Anti-Racism Advisory Working Group

The Anti-Racism Advisory Working Group will provide recommendations, advice and information to Region of Waterloo Council related to the development and implementation of an Anti-Racism Plan with a goal of eliminating systemic racism within the workplace AND within the services delivered by the Region of Waterloo. This will be done by coming to an agreement, and through a working partnership between the Working Group and the Regional Council on finalizing the implementation of suggestions.

See the attached Anti-Racism Advisory Working Group Terms of Reference for more information including mandate, responsibilities, meeting frequency and compensation.

Responsibilities of the Working Group include:

  • Review input received from the community as well as pre-existing community research and consultation information that explains where the Region should focus its efforts.
  • Develop recommendations to Council for a Region of Waterloo Anti-Racism Plan. These recommendations will be prioritized and will indicate timing for shorter and longer term activities.
  • Advise the Region on the development and review of policies and practices that support greater inclusion and diversity in the workplace and service delivery.
  • Will monitor progress, and guide implementation and evaluation.


Criteria for Selection

  • History of working to advance equity for the Black and/or Indigenous community.
  • Able to consider broader interests of the Black and Indigenous community at large.
  • Lived experience.
  • Individuals who represent vulnerable individuals who have experienced the impacts of racism.
  • Membership will comprise of 11 members for a 2-year term.