An Update on Anti-Racism Learning Opportunities

The CYPT and Immigration Partnership are continuing to discuss ways in which the two collaboratives can organize additional anti-racism learning opportunities for members of our community, keeping in mind the positive and informative responses from the anti-racism 102 feedback.

In gathering insights from the anti-racism 102 sessions led by Evelyn Amponsah, the CYPT is excited to share that the feedback survey indicated an overwhelmingly positive response amongst both leadership and front-line participants – 100 percent of whom noting that they would recommend the training to others.

Respondents to the feedback survey reflected on their new learnings regarding anti-racism tools and techniques that they could use in their everyday workplace. Respondents were also very appreciative of the opportunity to come together in an accessible and open dialogue and to learn from the facilitators through practical case study examples. Front-line participants, in particular, noted the importance of leadership and management staff in proactively centering anti-racism practices in organizational settings.

The resources and research page on the CYPT website has both Anti-Racism 101 and Anti-Racism 102 available for those interested in starting or continuing their anti-racism learning journey.