A Steering Committee Update

To support awareness and understanding of the work happening within the Steering Committee, it has been decided to determine up to 3 Key Messages (or takeaways) at the end of each meeting and share them broadly with members. These key messages will inform the news shared on the CYPT website, twitter feed and what you read in the e-news bulletin.  The aim is to provide members with a quick look at the work being done and where the energy of the Steering Committee is focused. The last meeting of the Steering Committee identified the following:

  1. Steering Committee approved, for Voting Member endorsement, the Data, Research and Evaluation Team’s recommendation to evolve our shared measurement framework to combine CYPT’s existing Shared Goals framework and the Canadian Index of Child and Youth Well-being (UNICEF Canada).
  2.  The September 26th full membership meeting will focus on bringing the pieces together of what we’ve been working on in our community, and the next steps we’re taking in terms of collective impact (e.g. youth engagement, Phase 2 work for Smart Waterloo Region, etc.).
  3. There is momentum in our community to move things forward – we are being nimble and responsive in terms of where we are putting energy.

If you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you.