box of chalk crayons with two children crouching around them. their faces are not in the image.

A Steering Committee Update

To support awareness and understanding of the work happening within the Steering Committee, it has been decided to determine up to 3 Key Messages (or takeaways) at the end of each meeting and share them broadly with members. These key messages will inform the news shared on the CYPT website, twitter feed and what you read in the e-news bulletin.  The aim is to provide members with a quick look at the work being done and where the energy of the Steering Committee is focused. The last meeting of the Steering Committee identified the following:

  1. Voting Members voted and provided feedback on three potential CYPT Co-Chair models in December. In agreement with the majority of Voting Members, Steering Committee has decided to retain the current Co-Chair model – Director of Children’s Services as Co-Chair of the CYPT along with a Community Co-Chair (3-year term). The CYPT will be moving forward to select a new Community Co-Chair in the Spring (transition date to be in June 2020).
  2. The work of the CYPT is two-fold:
    • Our Collective Impact efforts toward an area of focus- to shift the needle and improve outcomes for children and youth in Waterloo Region. This is where the majority of time and effort will go.
    • The foundational work of our collaborative to understand the system and work more collaboratively within (and outside) it.
  3. Steering Committee recognizes 2020 will be a year of transition and stronger alignment. Now almost a year into the new Governance Structure, Steering Committee is seeing the value in the Nested Group Model where there is great opportunity to be more strategically aligned.

If you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you.