Thank you again to all who were able to be at the June 23rd open space conversation about the racial justice movement and to those who participated in the follow-up debrief with Steering Committee. It is clear to the Steering Committee that equity-seeking work (specifically in the area of racism) needs to be front and centre in our work together. Many potential actions have been suggested by members and we are adding to that some deeper-dive 1:1’s with members who are deeply invested in equity-seeking work.

Some suggestions coming forward, fit at an individual level (i.e., meaningful actions that we could all take on – such as individual learning), while others apply to our organizations, our collective, and our broader community. The Steering Committee will be reviewing all the suggestions coming forward at their next meeting, scheduled for the end of August. If you have ideas or thoughts that you would like to share related to this equity-seeking work of the CYPT, and you would like to set up a 1:1 with Alison, please do not hesitate to reach out.


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