A Community Child and Youth Well-being Survey Update

Phase 1 of the Community Child and Youth Well-being Survey is underway (click here for a refresher about the project)! CYPT is leading the engagement and co-design process in the development of the survey and we want to be sure we include as many young voices and perspectives as we can. We want to ensure children and youth input is included at every step of the project. Opportunities for child and youth input could include:

  • Validating survey questions and developing the survey tool
  • Testing the survey
  • Marketing the survey
  • Helping make sense of the data we gather
  • Helping to write a report on what we’ve learned


We hope to do this by leveraging partnerships with CYPT members and the great relationships you have built with the children and youth in our community. CYPT Backbone Staff are hoping to identify members who want to participate in upcoming and ongoing engagement efforts in the project. If you are interested in participating, and/or think the children and youth you work with are interested in getting involved, please reach out to Joana Lincho, CYPT Social Planning Associate ( for more information!