Youth Engagement on the OTF Survey Project

Question development for the OTF Survey Project is right around the corner.  First, we’re hoping for some help…

Do you have between 5 and 30+ minutes at an upcoming gathering of your youth (between now and September 30th), we would very much appreciate any input into any or all of the proposed concepts. We have developed a facilitators PowerPoint presentation (which could be used in a projected or printed format). It includes a definition of each Domain area, and the proposed concepts. We are hoping to gather input into these 3 questions:

  • When you read/see/hear/think about the definition, is there anything from the list of Concepts we are missing?
  • When you think about your ______, is there anything you don’t see captured in the Concepts..
  • What (if anything) doesn’t make sense?


Reviewing the Concepts for the Community Child and Youth Well-being Survey



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