Support Teams

Ongoing groups that work year-round to improve child and youth well-being by leveraging expertise in their focus area.

Data Research and Evaluation Team (DRE)


The Children and Youth Planning Table Data, Research and Evaluation Team is an ongoing, Support Team of data, research, and evaluation experts within our participating organizations. The Data Team is responsible for tracking, collecting, and analyzing the data to support our shared measurement and the Child and Youth Well-being Dashboard.


Communications Action Team (CAT)


The Communication Action Team is an ongoing Support Team at the Children and Youth Planning Table that aims to:

  • Bring together communications professionals across member organizations and foster a community of practice
  • Ensure communication is nimble and responsive to the needs of members
  • Increase the profile of the Children and Youth Planning Table in the broader community
  • Provide opportunities for members to communicate and collaborate with each other
  • Increase the engagement of communications teams across the CYPT membership and the sharing of common messaging to support children and youth in Waterloo Region

Continuous Professional Learning Committee (CPLC)


The Continuous Professional Learning Committee a CYPT support team focused on promoting a system-wide approach to professional learning that advances our Shared Goals and Shared Foundations for Practice to improve well-being for children and youth. The CPLC invites diverse expertise to engage professionals working with children, youth, and/or families in meaningful learning that supports equitable practice, social inclusion, and healthy development. The group also seeks to communicate the value of professional learning for all those working with children, youth, and families in our community and supports inter-professional learning that is responsive to sector needs.

Working Groups

Aim to accomplish a specific child and youth well-being-related goal.

Children and Families Pandemic Working Group


The Child and Family Pandemic Working Group meets regularly to support actions for young people and families through the pandemic with a particular focus on vulnerable youth and families as they continue to see a steady increase in referrals.

Brain Story Mobilization Working Group


The Brain Story Mobilization Working Group includes representation from a wide cross-section of disciplines and organizations, that is working toward meaningful actions that reinforce what brain science tells us is good for young people that can be implemented system and community-wide.

Measurement4Change / Well-being Shared Measurement Task Group 


Measurement4Change, also called the Well-being Shared Measurement Task Group, is focused on bringing measurement resources to partners across Waterloo Region so that they way belonging data is collected and measured across our community is consistent.

Early Years System Steering Group


Nested Groups

Groups affiliated with the CYPT that also have their own member organizations.

Early Learning and Literacy Alliance of Waterloo Region (ELLA)


ELLA exists to ignite and fuel an early learning and literacy movement to help ensure a higher quality of life and a stronger community in Waterloo Region.

Parenting Alliance Waterloo Region


The Parenting Alliance links knowledge and best practices with community partners who serve parents and caring adults.


Affiliate Groups

Other groups affiliated with the CYPT.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Collaborative

Primary Rep: Sue Simpson
Secondary Rep: Erin Sutherland

Child Care Network of Waterloo Region

Primary Rep: Patti Gear
Secondary Rep: Sylvia Watson

Perinatal Mental Health Coalition of Waterloo Region (PMHC)

Primary Rep: Wanda Kampijan
Secondary Rep: Megan Snyder

Special Needs Resourcing Collaborative Waterloo Region (SNRC)


Primary Rep: John Martin
Secondary Rep: Tracy Shonk-Lacey

Transition to Adulthood Community of Interest (T2ACOI)

Primary Rep: Joanne Duddy
Secondary Rep: Carmen Sutherland

Waterloo Region Child and Youth Services Planning Council

Primary Rep: Kathy Payette
Secondary Rep: Patricia Patterson


Waterloo Region Special Needs Strategy (SNS) Planning Table

Primary Rep: Tracy Elop
Secondary Rep: Laura Thies