What is Smart Waterloo Region?

Smart Waterloo Region is an initiative that seeks to leverage data and tech-enabled solutions to help improve the well-being of children and youth in our community.  Waterloo Region is one of five finalists in the large municipalities category of the Smart Cities Challenge for a chance of winning a $50 million grant from the Federal Government.

The aim is to make our community the best in Canada for kids.  Smart Waterloo Region will work with children and youth to create new technologies and initiatives to help them see a positive future for themselves.

They will be working with adults so that all children and youth feel supported in school and the community and they will be sharing what they learn so all children and youth in Canada can feel happy, healthy and safe.

The Vision for the CYPT (happy, healthy children and youth – today and tomorrow) directly aligns with the challenge statement.  For this reason, Smart Waterloo Region asked for the CYPT to become a key partner in the initiative to help support the success of their bid which is currently in the second and final phase of the application process – and the CYPT Steering Committee agreed.

How is the Children and Youth Planning Table supporting the Smart Cities Application?

Being a Key Partner includes:

  • Leverage the CYPT membership and the CYPT Steering Committee to inform and advise as needed.
  • Members of the CYPT sharing their knowledge and expertise in helping to move the application forward.
  • Representatives from the CYPT participating directly at the Smart Waterloo Region Advisory Committee.
  • The CYPT Social Planning Associate (Shannon McIntyre) being seconded to Smart Waterloo Region for 9 months to support the development of the application.
  • The CYPT Manager (Alison Pearson) and Shannon McIntyre participating on the core Smart Waterloo Region Project Team, and all other CYPT Backbone staff team members are supporting the work on a regular basis.
  • The CYPT Data, Research and Evaluation Team dedicating approximately 80% of their time to work on data, research and/or evaluation needs of the Smart Waterloo Region work (including Dashboard and Data Platform).
  • The CYPT Communications Advisory Team being available as needed to consult on communication needs and/or participate in communication activities.
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