The Shared Foundation for Practice focuses on four pillars (see below) for working together with children, youth and families in our community. Under each pillar, you will find a link to the Extended Version, which includes information and resources to support members with the Shared Foundation for Practice.

The Shared Foundation for Practice document provides an overview of the pillars, general information and examples of how partners are using the Shared Foundation.


  • Evidence informed research that fits within our current community and cultural contexts. In our work we collectively:

    • Focus on people’s strengths
    • Strive to understand diverse populations
    • Use a trauma informed lens
    • Decolonizing and anti-oppressive approaches
    • Acknowledge prenatal and the early years as the foundation
    • See children, youth and families as the experts of their own lives
    • Recognize the impact of the Social Determinants of Health
    • Consider an attachment lens throughout the lifespan
    • Strive to understand our personal and professional biases
    • Use self-reflection to improve practice
    • Build on the successes of others

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  • Approaches that work together to support and surround all aspects of a child or youth’s life. Wholistic approaches include:

    • Social, emotional, physical and spiritual development
    • Supporting children, youth and families in their communities and cultures
    • Respecting and engaging diverse models of community
    • Being present, authentic and human
    • Recognition that each of us define family differently

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  • Sharing resources, knowledge and expertise. We cooperate and collaborate by:

    • Using respectful dialogue and participating in courageous conversations
    • Creating the conditions for inter-agency consultations and joint engagement
    • Promoting and referring to the most appropriate service
    • Ensuring services move with the child and family
    • Creating seamless transitions between programs
    • Providing community wide learning opportunities

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  • Children, youth and families are the centre of our work. Putting children, youth and families at the centre of services means:

    • Children, youth and families are driving the decisions
    • Recognizing power and privilege inherent in service delivery
    • Authentically engage  children, youth, families and communities and encourage self-determination
    • Giving every child and youth opportunities for quality learning and connections to caring adults
    • Using preventative and proactive approaches
    • Providing help at the earliest stage possible
    • Having flexible supports during wait times and as long as needed
    • Recognizing the impact of family and community
    • Supporting children, youth and families to overcome barriers
    • Ensuring services are accessible

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