Resources for Vaccinating Children and Youth


FREE = This service has been confirmed to be free.
ML = This service is offered in multiple languages.

Please note that the legend is only a guide. If you have any questions about a service, we encourage you to reach out to the organization directly.

If your organization is doing something similar and would like those efforts included in this list, please send an email to Monika Bodemer.

Local Vaccine Information:

COVID-19 Vaccines for Children FREE
Select the above link for the most current information on vaccination for children and youth, including a link to book a vaccine.

Sensory-Safe Vaccine Locations FREE
Please select the above link for information on vaccination clinics that can provide you and your child with a sensory-safe experience and additional supports during immunization.

Additional COVID-19 Resources in Various Languages FREE, ML
Our community partners have helped us compile and create COVID-19 vaccine resources that reflect the views, values and address worries and fears in their communities.


Your Questions Answered – Dr. Kelly Grindrod Video Series for Children 5 to 11:

Is there a risk for a female child’s reproductive health?

Can my child get COVID vaccine at the same time as the flu vaccine?

Why not wait until we know the results of long term studies?

Is the COVID-19 virus used to make MRNA vaccines?

If kids have such a good immune system why vaccinate?

How long will immunity last after vaccination?


Other Resources for Parents – YouTube Videos:

How to prepare you child for the COVID vaccine

What to expect at the clinic

COVID-19 Vaccination for Children 5-11 Parent/Guardian Information Session


Multi-language Resources for Parents – YouTube Videos:

[ARABIC:] COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ for Children Ages 5 to 11 

[ARABIC:] COVID-19 Vaccination – Hear Stories From Our Community For Children Ages 5 to 11 

[FARSI:] COVID-19 Vaccination for Children Ages 5 to 11 Parent/Guardian Information Session 


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