Support Teams: Support Teams are sub-committees of the Children and Youth Planning Table that function in perpetuity (or until deemed no longer necessary due to other available supports in the community) to support the advancement of the Vision and Mission of the Children and Youth Planning Table. Support Teams generate resources and/or knowledge to ensure those working collectively to advance child and youth wellbeing have access to consistent, fulsome, system-level information. The Children and Youth Planning Table currently has three Support Teams (Data Research and Evaluation Team, Continuous Professional Learning Committee, and the Communication Advisory Team – see Appendix B for further details on these Teams).


Working Groups: Working Groups are time-limited sub-committees of the CYPT that are driven, and supported, by the CYPT. Working Groups take action on particular projects or focus areas identified by the broader CYPT membership or Voting Members (and approved by the Steering Committee). Working Groups are directly accountable to the CYPT – both in their mandate and their monitoring and reporting, and are overseen by the Steering Committee.


Nested Groups: Nested Groups are self-sustained groups in the community, engaged in focused work related to child and/or youth well-being, which choose to intentionally align their efforts with the Vision, Mission, and the Shared Foundation for Practice of the CYPT. While Nested Groups are not governed by the CYPT, they incorporate guidance from the CYPT Steering Committee and have access to the membership for input and potential endorsement, but otherwise use their own decision-making framework and set their own strategic objectives.


Affiliated Groups: Affiliated Groups are other groups/networks/tables in the community that is doing work specifically related to child and/or youth well-being that inform and complement the work of the CYPT. There is mutual agreement that the work of Affiliated Groups aligns and contributes to the Vision of happy healthy children and youth-today and tomorrow. Affiliated Groups are not governed by the CYPT and the CYPT is not governed by Affiliated Groups.


When endorsements/votes are put forward to Voting Member organizations, Nested and Affiliated Groups will have an opportunity for input.

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