Nine Dimensions of Child and Youth Well-being

In Fall 2019, Voting Members endorsed an evolution of the Children and Youth Planning Table’s shared measurement framework. The CYPT now measures nine dimensions of child and youth well-being:

  1. We are happy and respected.
  2. We are connected to our environment.
  3. We are secure.
  4. We belong.
  5. We are participating.
  6. We are learning.
  7. We are healthy.
  8. We are free to play.
  9. We are protected.

Historically, the well-being of children and youth was measured through 6 shared goals, and progress was monitored by 32 indicators. Some of the 6 goals are included in our new 9 areas of focus.

Together, we are working to improve the well-being of children and youth in Waterloo Region and to move the needle on nine dimensions of child and youth well-being. We believe that these focus areas are key to the well-being of children and youth. Our approach to improving the well-being of children and youth is through a collective impact.

The tree image provides a visual of the nine dimensions. This image was taken from the Canadian Index of Children and Youth Well-Being UNICEF Canada but mirrors the nine dimensions Waterloo Region is focused on. Click the image for a better view of the nine dimensions.

Please view the CYPT Theory of Change for a detailed look at ways this collaborative is working to move the needle on child and youth well-being.

Organizations interested in becoming a Voting Member Organization(VMO) must indicate which one(s) of the nine dimensions they are intentionally going to advance. Click here to learn more about membership.


**Dimensions represent broad, conceptual aspects of children and youth’s lives.

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