Community Child and Youth Well-Being Survey

About the Survey Project

Together, the Children and Youth Planning Table (CYPT), UNICEF Canada, the Canadian Index of Well-being (CIW), and the Ontario Trillium Foundation are developing the prototype of a new child and youth well-being survey. The Community Child and Youth Well-being Survey will be aligned to the Canadian Index of Child and Youth Well-being, developed by UNICEF Canada to measure and monitor the well-being of children and youth. We want to develop a better understanding of how children and youth are experiencing life – first in Waterloo Region, then across Canada!

The Index and Survey focuses on 9 domains:canadian index of child and youth well-being tree indicating 9 domains of well-being for children and youth

Building on the great work of UNICEF Canada and CYPT’s recent youth engagement work, the survey will be co-developed with and tested by local young people. Ensuring youth are engaged in the process will support their positive engagement in the process of gathering, understanding and using data about their lives. Having youth co-developing and supporting implementation will make for a better survey.


Youth Input

Phase 1 of the Community Child and Youth Well-being Survey is underway! CYPT is leading the engagement and co-design process in the development of the survey and we want to be sure we include as many young voices and perspectives as we can. We want to ensure children and youth input is included at every step of the project. Opportunities for child and youth input could include:

  • Validating survey questions
  • Developing the survey tool
  • Testing the survey
  • Marketing the survey
  • Helping make sense of the data we gather
  • Helping to write a report on what we’ve learned

Want to get involved?

We want to ensure children and youth have a voice at every step of this project. Open the tabs below to see how you/the children and youth you work with can share their input.

Also – we’ve put together a flyer to share more information about the project with youth. The flyer has a fillable form so that you include the relevant information for your group.

Click here to access the fillable flyer                                   Click here to access an image version to share on instagram

  • The Canadian Index of Child and Youth Well-being, developed by UNICEF Canada uses 9 domains to measure and monitor the well-being of children and youth. These 9 domains will form the basis on the Community Child & Youth Well-being Survey.

    We want to know…

    • Is there anything missing?

    The ASK: We’ve put together a facilitator guide to support conversations with children and youth about the 9 domains. Please review the 9 Domains of the Canadian Index of Child and Youth Well-being, the connected definitions (in the notes section), and concepts with the children and youth you work with. And answer the question: is anything missing?

    A few key considerations:

    • We are only focusing on the concepts
    • Domains and domain definitions cannot be changed
    • There are some concepts that relate to multiple domains – they are placed in the “best fit” domain (ie. food security is found in We are Secure, but is also related to We are Healthy)

    Click here for the Arts-Based Facilitation Guide.                       Click here for the Conversation Facilitation Guide.                                               

    Share back!

    Let us know what came from your group’s discussion. Use this feedback form to share your thoughts:

    Questions? Email Joana Lincho (

  • Update coming soon!

    The CIW is working to collect a variety of questions that could be used to support information gathering in the 9 domain areas. We are making some suggested adjustments to the draft questions  taken from national and large scale surveys focused on children and youth. Check back soon for an updated list of potential survey questions and an opportunity to provide input!


    Questions? Email Joana Lincho (