Community Child and Youth Well-Being Survey Project

Now called the Youth Impact Survey!


The Youth Impact Survey is a chance for our community to hear directly from youth about what life is like for young people in Waterloo Region. The YIS is open to youth ages 9-18 and has been running since 2020. Learn all about the project here!




Waterloo Region was the first community in Canada to try out the survey in 2020. Then, the CYPT working with UNICEF Canada, the Canadian Index of Wellbeing (CIW), the Ontario Trillium Foundation, and youth across Waterloo Region to develop a survey tool based on the Canadian Index of Child and Youth Well-Being.


The Canadian Index of Child and Youth Well-being, developed by UNICEF Canada to measure and monitor the well-being of children and youth. It focuses on 9 areas that impact young people’s lives:

  • we are connected to our environment
  • we are secure
  • we belong
  • we are learning
  • we are healthy
  • we are free to play
  • we are participating
  • we are protected
  • we are happy and respected





On February 22nd, CYPT hosted an interactive day for youth ages 12-18ish! Over 70 youth came together for a day of fun activities to share ideas and thoughts about the Child and Youth Wellbeing Survey Project. We focused on making sure the questions made sense, talked about the language used in the survey and brainstormed ideas to promote it to youth. AND we got our name – the Youth Impact Survey! We are so grateful to all the youth who came out to share their ideas and input.



Check out the CYPT Instagram highlights to see videos and photos from the day! A special thanks to our youth social media expert Mena for taking over our Instagram for the day.



In the summer of 2020, we ran the first-ever Youth Impact Survey! We heard from about 300 young people across Waterloo Region, who share their perspective on what their life is like here in our community. We also had the chance to hear from over 150 youth about the Youth Impact Survey itself, and ideas on how to improve the experience!


We learned so much from all the young people who participated. When we started out, we didn’t expect we would be running the survey during a global pandemic. So the results became extra important in understanding how the pandemic was impacting youth right here in Waterloo Region. Check out the results of the Youth Impact Survey pilot here.


After the survey closed, we hosted sense-making sessions with youth, to better understand the story behind the numbers. Check out what we heard from youth here (coming soon). We also had opportunities to bring youth and adults together to talk about the results, and how we can work together to make our communities better for children and youth. Check out the notes from our April 8th Voting Member session here (coming soon).




We’re back – and with some new friends! We are excited to launch the next round of the Youth Impact Survey with our partners UNICEF Canada, the Canadian Index of Wellbeing (CIW), the Ontario Trillium Foundation, AND the Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation. This time around, we’re also joined by Ottawa and Halton in Ontario, and Digby, Yarmouth and Halifax in Nova Scotia.


We’ve gone through the data from the pilot, took your feedback into consideration, and we’re trying out the Youth Impact Survey again. We can’t wait to learn more from the young people in our community!

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