Belonging is foundational to child and youth well-being. When good things happen related to belonging, other good outcomes are experienced by young people.


[panel title=”Key Actions”]

  • Developing a shared measurement piloting tool to assess belonging across community programs (coming soon)
  • Strategic social media messaging (coming soon)
  • Producing a business case report on the concept of belonging through empirical research and localized resources and data (coming soon)


[panel title=”Key Training and Resources”]

  • Journey map (coming soon)
  • Business case (coming soon)


[panel title=”Key Data”]

  • 63.9% of Youth Impact Survey respondents in 2020 reported feeling a very strong or somewhat strong sense of belonging to their community.
  • “Belonging feels like you have people who have your back. It’s the little things that make you feel like you belong…you feel cared for and part of something bigger than yourself.”  -Youth Panelist at #KidsTakeOver, November 18, 2020.
  • Youth Impact Survey 2020 Data Briefs
  • Youth Impact Survey 2020 Sense-Making Sessions