The Children and Youth Planning Table of Waterloo Region has evolved slowly over time as the needs of our community have changed.

In 2005, the group focused primarily on providing guidance to the Region of Waterloo’s Children’s Services and Public Health. The name of the group at that time was the Region of Waterloo Children and Parents Services Committee (ROWCAPS).

In 2009, the mandate of ROWCAPS expanded to a broader community focus involving all service providers for children prenatal to six years of age.

In 2011, the Children and Youth Planning Table changed to an open membership structure. Any service provider working with children pre-birth to 12 years of age were welcomed to join. Meetings emphasized working collectively to plan for and create a system of more effective and coordinated services. Another important change was the addition of a community Co-Chair.

In 2012, in recognition of the complex issues they were addressing, a Collective Impact framework was adopted.

In 2013, two working groups added to the energy and engagement to determine priorities through a collective decision-making process. This process began a cultural shift with significant benefits, including more broad and diverse involvement of participants, greater transparency and greater trust in each other and the process.

In 2015, Children and Youth Planning Table Voting Members were asked to participate in a formal vote to increase the mandate of the Children and Youth Planning Table to age 18. Voting Members overwhelmingly approved increasing the age mandate up to 18 – recognizing that some youth will be part of the youth-serving system beyond age 18.