Youth Impact Survey

The Youth Impact Survey gives youth a chance to share the things that are important in life and share with adults key information about well-being. So far, the CYPT has launched the Youth Impact Survey in Waterloo Region twice: once in 2020 (our Pilot Phase) and then again in 2021. 


We partnered with the Canadian Index of Wellbeing (CIW) and the University of Waterloo, UNICEF Canada, the Ontario Trillium Foundation and Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation on this project. We believe that too often, decisions about children and youth are made without their involvement, but no one understands those experiences better than the people experiencing them!


The Youth Impact Survey is a chance for children and youth (ages 9-18) to share with adults and decisions makers what life is actually like for young people in Waterloo Region, and how we can work together to use the data to improve well-being.  


Disaggregated Data Snapshots

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